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Proposals and Document Automation Services

Unlock productivity by streamlining and digitizing documents for sales, marketing, and business operations documents

Choose from our fixed-price bundles and order immediately to receive high-quality deliverables in under 5 days*

Applications Supported

and many others....

Use Cases

Say goodbye to manual paperwork and hello to efficiency! Accelerate your sales process, impress clients with interactive proposals, and ensure accuracy and consistency in all your documents
  • Proposals

  • Quotes

  • Contracts

  • Agreements

  • Invoices

  • Purchase orders

  • Sales agreements

  • Business plans

  • HR documents

  • Rental contracts

  • Freelance project

  • Marketing collateral

  • Event proposals

  • Financial reports

  • Service level agreements (SLA)

  • RFP Responses

  • Partnership proposals

  • Medical HIPPA forms.

  • Patient forms.

  • New customer intake.

  • Non disclosures.



Streamline Your Business Processes with Document Automation Services.

Vendor selection

Advisory on selecting the right application for your business.

CRM integrations

Set up your CRM to send customer or opportunity data into the document.

Template design & setup

Develop the template with your document or form content.


Ditch pen and paper signatures. Get these digitally saved and meet compliance.

Pricing & quote tables

Build pricing and quote tables that allow customers to select and order

Digital forms

Capture end user information via forms on website or email.

"Really tricky project delivered on time and with great understanding of our needs. Can’t recommend highly enough."

- Lee & Harper Law Firm

  Washington, DC

Testimonials from our customers

Rather than typing up sales managers to set this up, we purchased the package. Everything went smooth from understanding our design requirements, to review/feedback loops, and a final high quality proposal. Thanks for your hard work!

- Jupiter Health & Associates

Dallas, TX

"Testimonials are a great way to showcase positive feedback from others."

Timberly Williams

Quick ordering and received it back in 3 days. 

- Dans Auto

Detroit, MI

We were using paper forms and manual signatures with faxing. Prozaro helped us automate all our documents, collect e-signatures and set up a filing system. Reduced our workload from 3 hours per case to 10 mins (only reviewing).

- Liberty Real Estates

Newark, NJ

Quick ordering and received it back in 3 days. 

- Dans Auto

Detroit, MI

Lets get started!

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