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About Partnerships

Collaborating with others through partnerships is a powerful way to combine our strengths, knowledge, and resources to achieve greater success. By leveraging our unique skills and networks, we can assist, support, trade, and share revenue on joint client projects, while retaining our business identities.


Let's discuss how we can help each other and grow together through the power of partnerships.

About Partnerships

I'm excited to explore creative and collaborative ways to work with other professionals and businesses in similar domains. We all have valuable experiences and skill sets to offer, and I truly believe that freelancers can collaborate effectively.


That's why I've started Partnerships - let's use our personal skills to help our businesses and revenue streams grow.

Partnership Profiles


Project Manager /
Client Service

I work with numerous German and DACH businesses and startups that require assistance with various digital projects. I am seeking a proficient German speaker with experience in client management and customer representation. Sales and marketing expertise would be beneficial to scale.


Application Developer

I have experience in use-case ideation, lean startups, product development, No-Code tools, finding end users, testing, and Integrations. I am seeking a skilled developer to partner with to build micro-SaaS applications or marketplace apps for businesses. The goal is to create digital assets that drive residual income.


Barter / Trade Skills

Being a freelancer is not easy, especially going at it alone!

I want to barter/trade skills with others to benefit each other and save time or money mutually. We can mutually agree on a scope or topic (from a few hours to a project) and agree to complete it. It's a great way to utilize each other's domain expertise to help each other out.

PM/CS Role:


  • Manage client relationships and ensure project scope is defined and scoped out.

  • Support in NDA/Project SOW development, review, and presentation.

  • Collaborate with the developer to ensure successful communication and completion.

  • Communicate project updates and progress to clients.

  • Identify opportunities for growth and improvement.

  • Ensure proper project close tasks and invoicing are completed.


  • Fluent in German.

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Experience in client services or project management.

  • Ability to work collaboratively with a team.

  • Strong problem-solving and decision-making skills.

  • Passion for growth and learning.

Ideal Profile:

  • Freelancer with a dynamic skill set and the ability to adapt to various projects and teams.

  • All profiles welcome - freelancers, experienced professionals job seekers, remote workers, or working students seeking practical experience and eager to contribute to meaningful projects.

  • Entrepreneurial spirit with a drive to expand services and explore new opportunities.

  • Must embody flexibility and approach work as a collaborative partnership.

Scope of Services

  • New customer acquisition/chat messages/calls

  • Co-support in Project description/SOW deliverable (if German language proofreading)

  • Walkthrough and closing of the project
    Lead/facilitate project discovery/requirements gathering workshop - i.e., details on the customer's needs/follow-ups.

  • Final project deliverable presentation/client delivery (proofreading of content)

  • Submission of invoices/monitor payment

Let’s Work Together

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